Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cooking with Cali

Hey ya'll!
 my good friend Cali has a new cooking blog !!! Go check it out!
She just started it but Kicked it off with an awesome French Silk pie Recipe! YUM!!
She'll be posting new recipes so tune in for some tasty treats!!!!

A little about me:
Sorry ive been away! I got a new job at Unique boutique! My daughter Aspen just turned 3 and life is good! LOTS going on! she just started ballet and LOVES it! Thanks to Julies Creative movement and Dance Studio! Shes had 2 classes so far and i cant get her off of her tippy toes now! I've missed writing but with my new job hopefully I'll have a little more time to write PLUS Ill be on sneaking recipes from my good friend cali!!!
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disaster STRIKES!

Right when i get a head start on things and they start to get going my comp
Clunks out! So rude! Well thats why i havent been blogging but DONT FORGET ABOUT ME
Im going to Doctor it up and in the mean time TRY to use this mini comp! ITS SO SMALL i can Hardly
See the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YIKES! Bare with me!
Ill be back soon and better!!!!!
THANK YOU ALL who have been following me and commenting! i apreciate it so much!
It makes my day to hear from you all!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to find posts?

So im flipping through blogs this morning trying to find some to follow, yikes! half of them were in french and the other half i couldnt get past them fast enough?! I know there are amazing ladies out there with great posts! How do i find them?! HELP ME!!!!! i am scared to go back to the next button! you never know whats going to pop up next!!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Pops the Question!

So i never did this as a child, but since we had Aspen its become a annuel trip! We go to bass pro shop to see Santa! (well jake and i go to get good deals the weekend after thanksgiving!) but Aspen was SO excited to tell santa what she wanted for christmas that she kept practicing what she was going to say in the car...Santa i want a .... PLEASE!
so we hear this a few hundred and some times when we FINALLY get to bass pro!
This year she marched up there like it was NO BODYS business! (last year it was not the case!)
she jumps up on his lap, takes a few impatient pictures and then FINALLY he asks,
Whats your name. She practically Yelled Aspen Eliese at him and didnt repeat herself because she thought once was efficient and then he popped the question. Well santa Obviously hasnt read up on this little girl yet this year because he looked to us for the answere! Aspen says A PISHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
santa goes you want a What? and she Yells at him completely irritated as though he wasnt listening the first time, A PISHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. PWEEEEEEEEEZZZZEEE!!!!! he was shocked i believe, his eyes were practically bolging out of his head and he turns and looks at us and says... now, how old is she?

well in years, two and a half.. in her mind.... 13 going on 30... sorry about that... he smiled and said well you just might get a fishy Aspen and handed her a candy cane! she took off like she had no more time to spare on him and secretly had no where to go! but she had said what she came to say and that was that! All in all we had a great trip to see santa! we had a wonderful evening, picked up a few flannels and some coffee mugs and went home with two great pictures!!!
Merry early Christmas from us!

Aspens christmas wish...
A Pishy! :)
Shes been asking ALL year!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I am a born and Raised mountain girl! I love horseback riding being out in the wilderness,
FAR FAR FAR away from civilization! i LOVE to hunt and fish and Trap! Anything thats outside and or has to do with animals is fun in my book!
Lately we started trapping! its a family thing now! Jakes the leader and Aspen and I follow! we are his little helpers haha! We just started it! its our first season and its all trial and error! we caught a TON of stuff Friday and have yet to check them today! Its so exciting! This is our catch for friday!
My two Darling loves of my life!
Like father like daughter!
The Beaver was Twice the size of Aspen!   
Almost as big as jake!! haha
They are such neat animals, they are beautiful!
We are making our first beaver our first pelt!
I promise i wont post pics of the proccess!
But take your family outside! it doesnt have to be trapping or hunting or anything like that,
being outdoors is good for the heart and soul. for everyone!
We love it!
Anything done as a family is wonderful!
Just make time!!!
Youll never regret spending time with them.

Thanksgiving table!

Well our table was simple! I had worked at ten hour shift the day before thanksgiving and didnt have enough time to go "all out" haha! i was cleaning my house with my AMAZING SHAKLEE products that do WONDERS!!! anyways! I didnt have enough plates so i went to the dollar store and bought 4 extra plates for a dollar a peice!
Then i used Pincones that i had picked up outside my work and made Name tags on Word Documents on my computer! Cheap and easy!
I also had the kids at my work help me make a few decorations with the pincones! this is what we did!
 We had a race to collect them (but everyone won a sucker!) then we Painted them and while the paint was wet we coated it with glitter! it was so much fun and they loved it! (if you tie a string around the stem its an ornament! and they look so beautiful on a tree!)

I didnt get pictures of the food! but i made a Dump cake!
Yellow cake mix ontop of  Cherry pie filling and Crushed Pinapple COMPLETELY drained! (cost me about 5$)
I also made home-made bread...
(Free :D )
with Honey-butter
and jello dessert wich is
Raspberry jellow and  crushed pinapple and cranberry sauce with whole cranberrys
Topped with creamcheese/coolwhip!
(cost about 6$)
ok i have spent roughly 15 dollars...
what else did i buy?!
Sweet potatoes- 3 $ i think
i didnt buy very many
and um OH green olives 2$
carrots 3$
pickles 3 $
So i went over by 1 Dollar! bummer! but hey! we had wonderful time at our table with family and friends!
We are so thankful in our hearts for the people who love and care about us!
We are so blessed!
I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!
Now its time to start doing CHRISTMAS STUFF!
one of my favorite times of the year!
I have to make the two desserts again for sunday so ill post pics then!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Napkin Holders

So! I went through All my craft things and found a strap of leather or pleather! and beads and also some crafting wire!!!
Guess what i MADE! My First Napkin rings EVER!
This is how! I cut strips long enough to wrap around a napkin and then over-lapped the ttwo ends then i took a needle and put 2 wholes in it big enough to get a wire through! (ignore my chipped nails!)
I added the beads i wanted and instead of putting a crimp in the wire, like in beading, i tied a knot in it!

I curled the other string around my needle and bent it so it wasnt straight!
And Wallllaaa!!!!! I have my first Napkin Rings Ever!!! Try it! you can do it with Clothe, String! anything thats laying around!!
I hope you like them!