Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Pops the Question!

So i never did this as a child, but since we had Aspen its become a annuel trip! We go to bass pro shop to see Santa! (well jake and i go to get good deals the weekend after thanksgiving!) but Aspen was SO excited to tell santa what she wanted for christmas that she kept practicing what she was going to say in the car...Santa i want a .... PLEASE!
so we hear this a few hundred and some times when we FINALLY get to bass pro!
This year she marched up there like it was NO BODYS business! (last year it was not the case!)
she jumps up on his lap, takes a few impatient pictures and then FINALLY he asks,
Whats your name. She practically Yelled Aspen Eliese at him and didnt repeat herself because she thought once was efficient and then he popped the question. Well santa Obviously hasnt read up on this little girl yet this year because he looked to us for the answere! Aspen says A PISHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
santa goes you want a What? and she Yells at him completely irritated as though he wasnt listening the first time, A PISHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. PWEEEEEEEEEZZZZEEE!!!!! he was shocked i believe, his eyes were practically bolging out of his head and he turns and looks at us and says... now, how old is she?

well in years, two and a half.. in her mind.... 13 going on 30... sorry about that... he smiled and said well you just might get a fishy Aspen and handed her a candy cane! she took off like she had no more time to spare on him and secretly had no where to go! but she had said what she came to say and that was that! All in all we had a great trip to see santa! we had a wonderful evening, picked up a few flannels and some coffee mugs and went home with two great pictures!!!
Merry early Christmas from us!

Aspens christmas wish...
A Pishy! :)
Shes been asking ALL year!

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  1. That is soooo cute! :) I can only imagine what Audrey and Aspen would do to that fish! :)