Saturday, November 12, 2011

As The Dryer Tumbles~

Hey All!!
 This is my first Blog EVER!! Im really excited about it! I am a part-time working mom, at a YMCA child-care with a Beautiful darling strawberry-blonde silly little girl! She is my Absolute Sunshine! She is the Frass to my Sass :) Life wouldn't be life without her! She is 2 1/2 years old and her name is Aspen Eliese!
Well if your a mom then you know how hard it is to drag a two year old around or leave them to go to work... its miserable, they get sick all the time and have no schedual, so I've been searching for something that would help our immune systems and even if i was super lucky, would be able to make an extra income from. My beautiful older sister who i moved four blocks away from just recently found an AMAZING product, that has Everything from skin care, baby care and hair care to vitamins and DIET programs that are all ORGANIC and biodegratable! AND I can sell it and make a generouse extra income from! So we put our heads together and as two new mommies, we are going to step out, take charge and create a strong happy steady life-style for our darling girls!!! The brand is called Shaklee! Its changing my life for the absolute better! And it could certainly do the same for anyone who is willing to take a step forward! If you have ANY questions you can find me on facebook (Ashley Eccles -employer Shaklee) , anyways! I am so looking a forward to sharing new things and getting started on this healthy step to a better life!!

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