Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to find posts?

So im flipping through blogs this morning trying to find some to follow, yikes! half of them were in french and the other half i couldnt get past them fast enough?! I know there are amazing ladies out there with great posts! How do i find them?! HELP ME!!!!! i am scared to go back to the next button! you never know whats going to pop up next!!!!!


  1. hello there! i found your blog over here: http://www.healthybranscoms.com/. your picture is so very cute! can't wait to read upcoming posts. if you'd like visit me over here: http://daydreambeliever-hilary.blogspot.com/


  2. Hi Ashley! Just recently found your blog and I'm really enjoying it! My husband and I also started our blog a few months ago (www.ourpictureperfect.com) and have a list of blogs I like and follow on my sidebar. You can check us all out :)