Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving table!

Well our table was simple! I had worked at ten hour shift the day before thanksgiving and didnt have enough time to go "all out" haha! i was cleaning my house with my AMAZING SHAKLEE products that do WONDERS!!! anyways! I didnt have enough plates so i went to the dollar store and bought 4 extra plates for a dollar a peice!
Then i used Pincones that i had picked up outside my work and made Name tags on Word Documents on my computer! Cheap and easy!
I also had the kids at my work help me make a few decorations with the pincones! this is what we did!
 We had a race to collect them (but everyone won a sucker!) then we Painted them and while the paint was wet we coated it with glitter! it was so much fun and they loved it! (if you tie a string around the stem its an ornament! and they look so beautiful on a tree!)

I didnt get pictures of the food! but i made a Dump cake!
Yellow cake mix ontop of  Cherry pie filling and Crushed Pinapple COMPLETELY drained! (cost me about 5$)
I also made home-made bread...
(Free :D )
with Honey-butter
and jello dessert wich is
Raspberry jellow and  crushed pinapple and cranberry sauce with whole cranberrys
Topped with creamcheese/coolwhip!
(cost about 6$)
ok i have spent roughly 15 dollars...
what else did i buy?!
Sweet potatoes- 3 $ i think
i didnt buy very many
and um OH green olives 2$
carrots 3$
pickles 3 $
So i went over by 1 Dollar! bummer! but hey! we had wonderful time at our table with family and friends!
We are so thankful in our hearts for the people who love and care about us!
We are so blessed!
I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!
Now its time to start doing CHRISTMAS STUFF!
one of my favorite times of the year!
I have to make the two desserts again for sunday so ill post pics then!

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  1. Ashley you are SO creative! I love the table name cards! :)