Friday, November 18, 2011


Hey! so i tried my challenge the other night! I mixed Ramen Noodles and a Steamed bag of Stir Fry Veggies :)
it was pretty good! Its a Great meal for when your out of food and need to scrap something together for just one night or you dont get paid for a few days! Or if your going out of town and dont want to waste money on the extra Grocery trip! Heres how i did it!
3 packs of ramen boiled on the stove
1 bag of stir fry steamed in microwave (no terriaki sauce)
and then mixed them into a bowl!
It tasted great! my whole family ate it! But i advise you onlymake the amount that is going to be eaten, its not a good left over meal!!!! Enjoy if you try it! If you dont- i wont know!!! Have a Splended weekend! i will be off in the woods and will post all about it when i get back! Chat at you then!

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  1. That looks great! I love throwing together meals like that! Those are some of our favorite meals and they are super cheap to make!